Who is Searching for Me?

Who's searching for me, you ask? Well, today the Search Engine is a huge portal to find out who is searching for me or you. Who'd have thought that this online tool would be the Ford Model T of our 21st century society? Forty years ago, who would have dreamed how rapidly the whole universe has become interconnected through the internet? Let's say it was twenty years ago instead of 2010. It may be hard for youngsters to imagine, but there was a time when you met someone, you would have to write down their phone number, maybe on the back of pack of matches or a napkin. More organized people kept an address/phone number book to keep track of all of the relations and friends.

Can you imagine not having the internet and trying to find an old friend from elementary school you haven't seen in thirty years? There were promises to keep in touch, like there always are. These promises usually are sincere, but human experience tells us we tend to get caught up in the here and now. If this were only a few decades ago, looking up an old friend from the past would be a major operation that could take weeks, talking to many people, and more than a little bit of luck. Now, with Google or any other search engine, it takes as little as a matter of seconds. Who knows they might be searching for you or looking for you.

Then this little thing called the internet started popping up everywhere. With the literally billions of web pages, the explosion of social networking sites, and the preeminence of search engines throughout all regions of the internet, chances are that people who really want to find you can, and you can find the people you need to find. Some people aren't just searching for your location; they are searching for something a little more private. Medical records, criminal records, tax information - you wouldn't believe the things about you available online. Either way, who wouldn't want to know who was searching for you online? Now you can find out. Rekindle an old friendship or love, secure your privacy and get a bit of peace of mind.

The first step is to find out who is searching for you, this will answer your question, Who is searching for me?

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